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4G-5G Telecom Software

4G Macro and micro enodeB software solutions

5G with MIMO gnodeB solutions

5.5G with mmwave frequency solutions.

Satellite communication via C-Band.

CBRS band support for communication

Payment gateways

Want to make life easy with day to day payments,  adopt nanozyme smart cloud to get this done. It is must for all sectors, use our easy payment solutions to earn more and more revenue and grow exponentially.

Social Media Application

Searching in social media is laborious job. Could avoid that using nanozyme technology. You don't have to search for any social media application for your daily life needs, just add to  our nanotechnology cloud, you can fulfill your dreams and be satisfied.

Digitalization everywhere

Where there is no digitization, life doesn't move. Accessing of data easier with digitization of all your records with our nano clouds. Enjoy the life by accessing the data faster from our digitized and artificial intelligent server. All sectors digitalization will be done using our one time software solutions without hassle, using artificial intelligence.

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